Atkins May Project

ATKINS MAY PROJECT aka AMP were forged in the heart of the

"BLACK COUNTRY" in the West Midlands, UK around 2010.  

AMP features AL ATKINS the Founder member and Original Vocalist

with JUDAS PRIEST and  PAUL MAY veteran Guitarist, Session Player,

Writer & Producer .

Together they proudly fly the flag for the 'Old School' Classic British Rock & Metal a style that launched so many top bands from that genre and culture.

Allan Atkins and Paul May had previously worked together on and off for two decades or so on several albums before this collaboration.

Their first album as the ATKINS MAY PROJECT was to emerge in 2011 under the title of 'Serpents Kiss' which received excellent critical acclaim. So much so they decided to release their sophamore album just a year later in 2012, the album 'Valley of Shadows' which magazines and fans recieved with a wealth of praise. Their third album 'Empire of Destruction' was released in 2014 once again to an excellent favourable response.

2015 saw the record company, Gonzo at the time', decide to release 'Anthology' a collection of some of the epic songs from previous albums.

During the next couple of years the music and songs for their new album would be created. There were a few hold ups on the way but they now return with another Epic dose of Classic Rock & Metal in the form of

'The Final Cut' finding its release in Aprill 2020 !